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Credit Status


We provide a number of commercial reports ranging from standard legal status through to background checks or depending on your tailored requirements. Our reports are prepared with years of experience in dealing with companies worldwide and our experienced team understand the difference between healthy growth trends or risk trends. Each report consists of data gathering, analysis, cross referencing, data verification through to conclusions and recommendations, a detailed process done with commitment and care.

Credit Dept


Our localized team of individuals covering on the ground work as well as our legal team and experienced resources enable us to undertake debt recovery work ( Specific countries), often an earlier settlement is sought and swift recovery.

Offshore Site

Our localized team are trained to carry out On Site Visit inspections, pictures are taken of the location, landmarks, signage, street signs, numbers and buildings nearby.


MIS (Marketing International Services) have been operating in the Middle Eastern region for almost 20 years.

We report on companies and businesses throughout the Middle East and African region, and we do this on a daily basis. Our team are dedicated in providing solid information on a number of areas within the regions we cover, we provide information on company ownership, management, legal status and history details, as well as financial reports and other business information.


We recognise that times have changed and international trading is becoming more and more difficult, for this reason we stick to a basic principal, all of our reports are produced with a “no shortcut” approach, legal status and key information is verified on every occasion and in most areas we are even able to provide On-Site-Visits (OSV’s) with pictures.

No old ways

Years ago a basic telephone interview would suffice, but it is not our way of working, you get exactly whats promised

Real Data

Real verified data on every occasion, we can do this since over these many years of operating we have perfected our process and strengthen our international links

To grow your business,

you need to find effective channels to reach your audience

MIS can help


for circumstances with a low exposure to harmful debt.


intended to cover mid-exposure situations where a larger credit amount is under deliberation


Detailed reports cover historical, present data, risk analysis, known locations, affiliated companies and related information, a complete profile